A: 3/10 Station St, Bangalow

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North Coast Massage: Bangalow holistic health centre specializing in relaxation, remedial and sports massage, myoarticular therapy, and personal training.

Treatments - North Coast Massage
Treatments including Relaxation and Remedial massage, Detox foot spa, Myo articulate therapy, Dry needling, Lymphatic drainage massage, Iridology, Sports massage, Homeopathy and Japanese Shiatsu massage.
North Coast Massage, Bangalow Massage, Remedial Massage, Relaxation Massage
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Relaxation massage, 1 hour  $90
Remedial massage 1 hour  $90
Lymphatic drainage massage  $90
Lymphatic drainage facial 1/2 hour  $50
Detox foot spa 1/2 hour  $50


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Swedish massage – lymphatic facial and foot spa – 1.5 hours.  $130



3 x 1 hour treatment package including detailed assessment, musclier destress, dry needling, soft tissue adjustments, Homeopaths support and exercise program. $250

Or 1 x 1.5 hour body balance plus full body Lymphatic massage. $130



The repair packages plus a detailed private session with personal trainer for individual exercise program and dietary advise. $350



Enjoy a massage of your choice with your partner also being spoilt in the next room. 2 x 1 hour massages for. $150.00


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About Our Treatments


Relaxation Massage

A treatment using flowing strokes, kneading and gentle muscle manipulation.

Particularly useful… as a pain free way to relax your muscles and your mind.


Remedial Massage

For the treatment of specific muscle tension or chronic pain. It can include deep tissue work.

Particularly useful… for chronic pain; arthritis; insomnia; anxiety and depression; constipation; hypertension.


Myo Articular Therapy

An advanced treatment that heals traumatic and chronic injuries, restores mobility, and reduces pain. This is done by releasing soft tissue and trapped nerves, and realigning connective tissue.

Particularly useful… for repetitive strain injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome; tennis elbow; chronic/ acute joints; dysfunctional joints; planter surface stress; back injuries.


Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles are used to release taut muscles in a fast and minimally painful way.

Particularly useful… for tension and muscle spasm release; arthritis; nerve irritation; muscle strain; ligament strain; herniated discs.


Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage encourages this part of your immune system to carry nutrients to your cells, and to eliminate waste.

Particularly useful… for swelling; headaches; if you are detoxing.



To help diagnose calcium deposits, toxic bowel or swollen gland issues.


Sports Massage

Post-workout massage that flushes lactic acid and other metabolic waste from tissue.

Particularly useful… to shorten recovery time; improve circulation; stretching of ligaments and tendons.



The treatment of disease by minute doses of natural substances that in a healthy person would produce symptoms of disease. -” like curing like”.


Japanese Shiatsu Massage

In Japanese it means ‘finger pressure’ finger, thumb and palm pressure. Used in conjunction with reflexology.


Lymphatic Facial

No matter your skin issue lymphatic facial can really help. it detoxifies for deep cell health. drains unwanted fluid and reduces puffiness, Promotes an ageless appearance by invigorating skin, tissues and nerves around your face. All of our treatments are designed to best support your physical state. Weather you are an elite sports, an elderly person, a pregnant woman or a child we can offer you a suitable treatment program and renewal package.
Laura our personal trainer will help to design a program that suits your needs and one you will enjoy.
Also, lets look at what you are consuming and what you may be lacking. Most dis-ease is a disease of lack.

Set goals – don’t look back.


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